Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Story (I)

Oh dear
I'd been loving you for long
I doubt that you know

Oh girl
I'd been guarding around you
You ought to know that

There had been words among the folks
But the truth remains untold to you
I prayed for the courage to reveal
But Richard never grant me his lionheart

A shy poet failed to express his love
An innocent girl failed to read his sign

That's a tragic from Eros' play

Richard: 英格蘭國王,理查一世,綽號獅心理查 (Richard the Lionheart),以勇敢威猛聞名
Eros: 希臘小愛神,
阿瑞斯 (Ares) 和阿佛洛狄忒 (Aphrodite) 之子

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