Monday, August 27, 2007

Ironic truth

Was paying my tuition fee for my semester at the college's bursary during my 2nd week. Eventually the total amount ended with a odd number and the staff asked me to pay in exact amount since that she don't have sufficient small change with a idiotic face that full of ego, or else she will just debit the exceed amount into my payment account. (Imagine I paid RM500 cash for an amount of RM476.67)

She should be thank god that I manage to search every single penny to make up an amount of RM476.70. If not I'll be asking to see her manager with a question:"Why the bursary do not provide sufficient changes for their customers while it's known that cash transactions are happen in every single moment?". (Though I'm a student, but I'm the one who paying to be one)

Then during a lunch with a friend who's a lecturer of the college after a few days, I was told that the lecturers have culture that they should treat student as a customer; they can't teach them as if they are student but as a consumer, a boss.

The truth is that the bursary staff should treat the one who paid as a customer and the lecturer should treat the one they teach as a student. Ironically, they seems to be going against what they are suppose to do.

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