Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weeks that I should be busy

Rushing report, presentation and mid-term tests which to be due within less than 2 weeks time. Time is rushing, makes me have to weight out which is more important, or rather said, which would cost more marks.

Hence, I've recovered back to my used-to-be night life pattern, transforming back to night living creature. Searching and reading all the journals and books for my report writing makes my eyes soar, especially reading it on the computer screen. Coffee has been my up-most important life support. Though it's not that effective, but I have a feeling that I'm gonna be getting back the coffee addiction.

There is only an activity during daytime: sitting inside the library till the librarians start to chase me out. I wonder why they on the air-con so strong while it's raining and cold outside. I feel myself as meat hanging inside the freezer. My fingers were actually numb when I came out from the library.

The college had taken back my damaged student ID to repair, asked me to collect on next Tuesday. It makes me can't park my car within the college for a week. What a nightmare it is for a raining season, walking to college from outside with tons of book in the middle of heavy rain.

I should be busy doing research on my report, but yet I'm blogging at this moment, middle of the night. Just found out that my coffee is out of stock while I need it so desperately to keep my lazy eyes open. Have to remind myself to purchase new stock once the store is opened.

I want my COFFEE!!!!!!!!

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potat | may said...

poor thing.
so.. the moral of the story is..
to eat alot lot more! so that it would be fat instead of the dry skinny meat of yours hanging!